common issues that bring people to counselling

People go to counselling for many different reasons. Here are just a few issues that come up frequently in our practice….


Have you been feeling down lately? Isolating from your loved ones? Struggling with feeling worthless, hopeless or numb? Having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning or feeling unmotivated to do all of the things on your to-do list? We all experience low mood at some point or another but when it lasts for a significant period of time, it is time to consider reaching out to a professional. Counselling can help to improve your mood and self-esteem. We will meet you where you’re at and help you create a way forward out of depression in order to live a more fulfilling life.


Have you been feeling on edge? Worrying excessively about things? Perhaps you have been feeling panicked in certain situations and don’t know why? Avoiding situations that might make you feel uncomfortable? Anxiety is something we all have – it keeps us safe and can also be channeled into motivation, however, when our anxiety takes over, we can end up feeling out of control, worn out and hopeless. Counselling can help you to uncover underlying reasons for your anxiety, learn helpful coping strategies and to see the world around you as safe once again.

Relationship Issues

Have you been feeling distant from your partner? Struggling to feel connected with yourself and others? Maybe you are noticing that patterns seem to get re-enacted in your relationships, no matter how much you try to do things differently this time! Maybe you are feeling lonely despite having the “picture perfect” romance you always hoped for. Or maybe you keep finding yourself drawn to the wrong people and end up feeling rejected, lonely and hurt. Counselling can help you feel more grounded and empowered in your sense of self. It can help you to discover aspects of your own attachment style and how this style plays out in your relationships without even realizing. We will work toward helping you become more secure and confident within yourself in order to have more successful and meaningful relationships with your loved ones.

Stress Management

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by everything we need to do or everything we are supposed to do. Did you know that chronic stress increases our chances of developing anxiety, depression, fatigue, heart attack, high blood pressure and much more? It basically ravages our system! We all have coping strategies, whether helpful or not. Sometimes just having an unbiased participant to bounce things off of can be helpful, however, there are also tips and tricks we can work on together to help you better manage your stress level. When our stress level is managed adequately, we are healthier physically, emotionally and mentally, leading to better decision-making and finding more fulfillment in our relationships and our workplaces.