We are Liz Hagerty and Kristen Hamilton of The Wellness Collective! We offer counselling, coaching and clinical supervision in White Rock and Vancouver! Let's get started!

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You might find yourself on this page wondering whether counselling is really for you or not. Maybe you’ve never been to therapy. Or perhaps you’ve been to several counsellors over the years and struggled to make meaningful changes or just couldn’t find the right fit. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, meeting a therapist can feel uncomfortable, awkward, even scary. We know it’s hard to make that first appointment and we acknowledge your bravery and initiative in taking that important step!

Research actually shows that the primary predictor of successful outcomes in therapy is the quality of relationship between the client and their therapist. Since the client-therapist relationship is a therapeutic agent in itself, it is highly important to us that you find the right fit. We want to be more than the blank face in front of you asking you how you feel. We want to work collaboratively with you.

We are passionate about working with youth and adults facing various obstacles and challenges, including depression and anxiety, relationship issues, learning to reduce and cope with stress, cultivating positive self-worth and self-acceptance, managing life transitions and career and professional development.


online counselling

Are you a busy professional, parent or student wondering how you could possibly fit a counselling session into your already packed week? Are you new to counselling and would feel more comfortable opening up in the comfort of your own home? If so, online counselling may be right for you.

Online counselling involves meeting with your counsellor online via a secure video chat platform (think Skype). Research has shown online counselling can be just as effective as the in-person therapy model with the added benefits of allowing you to access support from the comfort of your own home (or office, car, or any private place you want to talk).

Trying to fit therapy into your already busy day can be a huge barrier to accessing support; online therapy can offer the flexibility you need so that you can start making the meaningful and lasting change you desire. 


Are you new to your career? Just finishing school? Transitioning to a new career or back to the working world? Starting a side hustle and not sure what to do next? If you’ve listened to all the podcasts, read the blogs and books but not sure what to do next working with a coach may be right for you. As your coach, we will help you identify your strengths, values and passions and work with you to develop a concrete action plan that will allow you to achieve your goals and build a life that you thrive in.  

Our approach to coaching involves two phases 1) Assessment and 2) Action. We will support you step by step in this process and, together, we will create a plan that puts your ideas and goals into action.

In the Assessment phase, we will spend time exploring your values, ideas and goals. We will identify where you are, where you would like to be and the barriers that may be holding you back. 

In the Action phase, we will clarify your goals and build a step by step action plan. This individualized plan will build on the strengths and resources that you already have and identify the tools and solutions you need to reach your goals. 

clinical supervision

Are you a fairly new social worker or clinical counsellor? We love using our experience and training to mentor young therapists and help them become more well-rounded helping professionals. We can help you to obtain your hours toward registration or provide supervision around ongoing clinical issues that are coming up in your work.

Whether you’re a brand new clinician or are looking for a set of fresh eyes to bounce things off of, we can help. We like to be creative in our supervision and help you generate and brainstorm new ideas and approaches to clinical issues that may be coming up. From a person-centred perspective, we also want to work with you on how your work might be impacting your personal life and how to continuously incorporate self-care practices to prevent burnout.

If you're a new (or seasoned) counsellor or social worker, we would love to support you!