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Are you feeling stuck and not sure of where you’re going or what’s holding you back in life? Feeling lonely, anxious or depressed? Tired of the same and wanting to move forward with something new in life? We often find ourselves repeating patterns of behavior or taking on relationships that prevent us from taking the next step in our lives; however, with support and guidance, you are capable of making sustainable changes that will open you up to the fulfilling experiences and relationships you desire.

We believe everyone brings inherent strengths to therapy that serve as the foundation for growth and transformation. In our work together, we can help you identify these inner resources and offer tools/skills to build upon them so you can reach your goals and make meaningful advances in your life.


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  • Individual Counselling

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  • Online/Phone Counselling

  • Coaching

  • Clinical Supervision

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What to expect

Going to see a therapist for the first time can be downright terrifying - here are a few things to expect and how best to know if your therapist is the best fit for you!

Common issues

Everyone's life experiences are unique, however, there are a few issues that seem to underlie much of what we see come up in the therapy room…..

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Ready to get started? We’re excited to meet you and see how we can work collaboratively to meet your goals and find more meaning and purpose!